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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did we jinx spring? Perhaps I got a bit too enthusiastic when a few sunbeams appeared. All I could picture were spring frocks. To my dismay those dresses will have to remain in the closest, until this last wave of reality melts away. All 25cm of it.
At least this new blanket of snow reflects more sunshine then mud?

Even if the weather does not permitt us to leave our legs bare I will continue to stitch up some summer attire, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. You can prepare too by stoping by Love Me Boutique (Birmingham st. Halifax N.S.), where pieces of our latest collection are already in store.
However, if you find yourself stranded you could always check out our etsy site.
Sunsets on the Eastside is now available nationwide (and parts of the US)! We have a few select pieces up on our online store with many more to come in the near future. Check it out and let us know what you think.



So I recognize that I just posted pretty recently but I have a little more to say ( for those of you know me, I know you wont find that shocking) .
So here are some shots of the show and the pieces that are in the Love, Me store. ( there is one more piece in Love, Me then shown here that I will post when I get a pic of it)
This shots are taken by Ian Smith a friendly photog who we met the first night of AFW at the media night.
I'm going to post a pic of us at media night too also taken by Ian.

There is also a review of Friday night AFW by the coast with a mention of us that i'll post here.  If you didn't get to see the event they did an excellent job of giving you a sneak peak of us and the other designers. 


So us designers have decided to rewind ourselves back to high school a little.
 Once upon a time we all started out by designing our own clothing to wear the next day at school just for the fun of it. It was all about what we would want to wear.  But since the company has started we haven't had the chance to make clothing for ourselves. This is something I have really missed.  When someone asks me if I made the article of clothing I am wearing, I would love to not have to say " No, sorry it's not". 

Not to worry though folks, we will keep designing for you but we have to start flaunting our clothing too, and this is something I cannot wait to do.

When you have to take other peoples ideas of what is pretty into account when designing, it becomes much much harder then you'd think.  This has often caused me a lot of stress.  So when I started to think about what I would want to wear... ideas came in droves and droves. I forgot how easy it was to think up fantastic ideas when I stopped thinking about others opinions of the designs and started designing for me.  So for the next little while you will be seeing us three designers hopefully flaunting our own stuff just for ourselves.  Maybe if the reception on the clothing is good enough we'll make more so you can enjoy it too! 
 So feel free to ask " Did you design this?"  So I can say  proudly ...."Yes!"


Monday, March 30, 2009

*sigh of relief*

Wow the last couple months have been absolute craziness!  
We've completed 3 successful shows ranging from a school charity event to Atlantic Fashion Week.  

We are proud to say that all three of the shows we have participated in have been for Charity.  Charities are one of the things we absolutely love to be involved in. Our first event was for Free the Children put on by a group from Colonel Gray High School, the F.L.A.R.E event put on by Talent PEI was for The Children's Wish Foundation, and finally AFW was for OneXOne. 
These events make us proud not only to be representing PEI but to say that we have helped others in need at the same time. 

Our first show was only 9 pieces which were all redone pieces a.k.a eco friendly!  That was so much fun to do.   I really enjoy redoing pieces and giving them a second life. It's so much fun to see a dated piece of clothing turn into something current and beautiful.  

The second was 12 pieces with original pieces featured.  Other talents were involved in this show such as some of the islands ever talented singers and dancer which made the show that much more fun to be involved in. We had tons of fun because some of our previous models made it home to participate in the show as well as some new ones which made it that much more fun.  We love our models more then life, they are a joy to work with and I would just like to Thank them so much because without them our clothing couldn't come alive and look as beautiful as they make them.  

Finally we did Atlantic Fashion Week.  This collection was supposed to be focused on Spring/Summer but we decided to do a Hybrid collection of S/S and Fall/Winter. Any excuse to go and visit Halifax is okay with me but throw in a fashion show and I am more then there!
The first night was media night and chatted with some lovely people, got to know our models, and made some new contacts.  It's intimidating to go to an event where you know barely anyone and try and rep your company but we pulled it off which required some getting over our fears. We felt so good after and  it was completely worth it. We went back to our hotel with so much confidence for the big show.  
Friday was spent crazily shopping for an outfit for that night.  The night before I wore a skirt made by my friend James White which gave me that extra boost of confidence I needed.  I knew I needed to find something equally as confidence inducing for the big show though.  I will admit to some jealousy on the part of Katryna who found a very pretty dress (on sale!) but my new beautiful shoes worked as a band aid to my jealousy. In the end I didn't find anything new but I pulled some stuff together and felt pretty darn good never the less.
Considering AFW is the biggest show we are involved in during the year it was a little stress inducing, but It was more than worth it.  All 21 pieces made it down the runway and we received great feedback. We felt on top on the world after the show chatting with people and we absolutely can't wait to do it again.  
If you are interested in watching a portion of the show there is a good clip on Haligonia.ca that I will post below. If you start the clip at 10:49 then thats where our clothing hits the runway.


I'll also include some pictures( taken my Josh Webb) of the dresses we have put in our fantastic Halifax based store called Love me! Boutique.  This store in on birmingham street off Spring Garden and we strongly encourage you to go not only check out our stuff, but there is tons of beautiful Canadian made stuff there as well.  

Finally we are proud to say that Sunsets on the Eastside is finding a new way to contribute to the island fashion community.  The spring issue of Panache magazine features a DIY project taught by us so you can make a fav old t-shirt into something new and fabulous.  You'll have to check out the mag to know exactly what I'm talking about!

Up coming SOTE events:
Sunsets will be showing at The Fringe Urban Festival during may.  This event is a really cool mix of events such as fashion, urban art, dance, and sports.  Definitely something you will want to be checking out!

Here are the links to the pictures because we aren't allowed to upload:


If you have any questions for us or comments on our collections feel free to post here, on facebook or e-mail us at sunsetsontheeastside@gmail.com