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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shout out to Models

At one of our last shoots with Patrick Callbeck and Models Heather Tasker and Sarah Bulman
Hey folks,
So I'm at school in my Universities lib... should be writing my research paper about blogs, so instead I'm blogging on my blog.  It's related right?
This post I would like to dedicate to our models.  Any girl who has ever in her lifetime modeled for our clothing line... This is a shout out to you.
Before all the lovey dovey stuff comes out, for those of you who are not models, I would like to make one thing very clear. There is a horrible stereotype out there about models.  You know the one: 
The popsicle stick thin, giraffe height, cocaine snorting, coffee and cigs diet, bitchy ladies who won't roll out of bed for less then 10 thou to do a job a monkey can and has done girls.  
Now I'm not saying that this perception is on any of the islands pretty ladies but it's out there. Modeling is hard work. One thing I am very proud to say is that in our design team each of us has modeled at least once for the company so we know very well how hard it is. 
Now picture this if you will:
You are placed in front of a bunch of critical eyes, hot light in your very make uped face and a lens pointed at you and only you.  Different directions are being yelled at you, put your foot here, turn your face there, find the light, smize, don't wrinkle the dress, be natural, not that natural, model with your whole body, you're forgetting your face, get those wrinkles out of your neck,  LOOK COMFORTABLE!  or worse... you are given no directions at all and expected to produce a picture so beautiful, so amazing that who ever looks at it will want to buy what you are wearing.  
Now to some this is easy and effortless.  Some models strut on to the set and just produce beautiful pictures because the camera loves them.  I have yet to encounter this model.  I think they are unicorns.  The camera can love you and make you look as pretty as possible but if the dress ain't selling you won't be booking no gigs.  I'm sure Tyra banks would be the first to tell you that she doesn't just get on set and take pictures, you have to pose, be aware of your body, sell sell sell! So the point I'm trying to stress is this is not an easy job and I invite anyone who thinks otherwise to give it a shot. I'm sure your belief will be changed when put in the above situation.  

But all this doesn't mean it isn't fun. It's an adrenaline rush, and when you get that amazing picture you feel like you are on top of the world.  
So to every girl who has ever stepped on our sets or walked our runways THANK YOU!  Without you we would not sell like we do.   Without you we would not have gotten as far as we have.  And with out you our clothing wouldn't look so gosh darn good.  We owe a lot of our success and fun times to the models so I cannot stress this enough THANK YOU!
I would love to put a list up for all the models we have ever worked with but that list would be so long I would probably never get back to my research paper.  So for the sake of my school marks ,  you know who you are and we love you!  We hope you have had as much fun working with us as we have with you, and I'm sure we will have more in the future.
F.Y.I  to any models who have applied to model in our next shoot if you were not chosen you were put in our model bank and may be used for future shoots so keep checking those e-mails!  and thanks for the great response.
Okay back to my paper.......