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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I recognize that I just posted pretty recently but I have a little more to say ( for those of you know me, I know you wont find that shocking) .
So here are some shots of the show and the pieces that are in the Love, Me store. ( there is one more piece in Love, Me then shown here that I will post when I get a pic of it)
This shots are taken by Ian Smith a friendly photog who we met the first night of AFW at the media night.
I'm going to post a pic of us at media night too also taken by Ian.

There is also a review of Friday night AFW by the coast with a mention of us that i'll post here.  If you didn't get to see the event they did an excellent job of giving you a sneak peak of us and the other designers. 


So us designers have decided to rewind ourselves back to high school a little.
 Once upon a time we all started out by designing our own clothing to wear the next day at school just for the fun of it. It was all about what we would want to wear.  But since the company has started we haven't had the chance to make clothing for ourselves. This is something I have really missed.  When someone asks me if I made the article of clothing I am wearing, I would love to not have to say " No, sorry it's not". 

Not to worry though folks, we will keep designing for you but we have to start flaunting our clothing too, and this is something I cannot wait to do.

When you have to take other peoples ideas of what is pretty into account when designing, it becomes much much harder then you'd think.  This has often caused me a lot of stress.  So when I started to think about what I would want to wear... ideas came in droves and droves. I forgot how easy it was to think up fantastic ideas when I stopped thinking about others opinions of the designs and started designing for me.  So for the next little while you will be seeing us three designers hopefully flaunting our own stuff just for ourselves.  Maybe if the reception on the clothing is good enough we'll make more so you can enjoy it too! 
 So feel free to ask " Did you design this?"  So I can say  proudly ...."Yes!"


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