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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

so the theme of this week has been photoshoots!

On sunday we did one for Panache for our column on DIY.  Myself and my roommate modeled in it.  And may I just say... modeling is SO not as easy as it looks.

People! I think we all need to gather round and listen to this...
modeling is not just being stuck in front of a camera.  well.. that does happen, but many other factors are at play.
You have to think of the garment you're wearing, your job is to make it look good.
You have to think of your face and how it looks to the photog.
You have to make sure your face is catching the light and you aren't in the shadows.
In my case, you have to watch that your feet don't look like they are clown feet in those gladiator sandals. 
Lots of the time it takes forever to get the right shots and round after round and clothing changes make it hard to keep smiling.  
You have to interact with your co model in this case, which was shockingly difficult.
The most difficult for us was having the same face.  If one of you looks happy and the other serious it just looks ridiculous, as I've witnessed in my pictures :( I liked serious she liked happy
WORST OF ALL is the scrutinizing faces watching you and you can read  "this is just not working.. sigh.." on their faces and have no clue how to fix it.  
Growing up being super tall from high school on I always got the "you should be a model"  line.  Which, sure, is flattering. I secretly thought, well that wouldn't be hard!.. surprise IT IS!

Not that I didn't have respect for my models before ( I adore and am grateful for our models I hope they know that!)  but now I can sympathize and this will hopefully make me a better director for shoots.  I guess we will find out tonight at our shoot for our spring line.
This shoots is going to be outside at sunset( ha ha) into the night.  Should be fun and I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Speaking of looking forward to things FRINGE is coming up quick and it is certainly going to be the bomb.. and not just because we're in it he he.
Get your tickets super quick.  This show is certainly something to catch if you're feeling the need for a surge of that urban talent.. and I mean really,who isn't!

for the details.

Finally, the last thing I'm going to need you to click on ( I know, so much work, I have to apologize) is the latest write up on us from AFW.  I have to admit, the bloggers mention a russian designer who is only 15 (who I believe was features on Americas Next Top Model) and I am seriously jealous of her.   I mean we aren't even 1/8th as successful as her and she's just 15 but I think an important point as to this reason is raised in the blog.  We have to thank the great ladies who wrote this, I had a really great time reading it and it's so nice to see that our neighbors in Hali have such cool writing talent (and such good taste! ha ha).  Not that this is any kind of a shocker.
Alright folks, I'm off to bask in spring sun ( in my new Seven For All Mankind capris I bought at Value Village for $6.. sorry kirstin and Kat I had to brag just one more time about that!)

Lots of Love