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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Don't wish it away, it's here to stay.

The snowflake is a timid species. Feeling safer to travel in swarms, you will rarely see one alone. A lover of our Northern climate the snowflake migrates to our region with the arrival of late fall and winter. During this season, as we recieve the chilly embrace of our frozen friends, we assemble indoors to stay warm.

I welcome the snowflake, and what it brings. That warm grasp, as you converse over a steaming mug of your favourite brew and those long cold nights, that give you an excuse to cuddle.

I want the next collection that we create to give the same warming sensation. As the mecury dips we will not leave our fans to freeze in our summer dresses. You may not have been looking forward to Fall/Winter, but we certainly are. Expect warm, deep colours, and fabrics that will make you wish winter could last all year long.