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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

 Tis the season my red nosed friends!!

Now I will be the first to admit that, for some odd reason, I was not at all excited for christmas this year.  This could be some lingering unhappiness attached to last christmas when it ended.  I often find the day after christmas,  or perhaps the day after new years, to be THE most depressing day of the entire year, and for some reason last year especially bad  and I was still feeling jilted.
However I think the magic of the season ( because folks I truly believe that there is magic to this) overtook me. I am now one of the frantic shoppers eyeing what the other person has in their cart in case it's a suitable gift idea for someone I know.

Of course it has taken some time for this to kick in on part of .... exams..  
Urghh it seems like they are a necessity but it also seems ever so cruel to put ourselves through this huge amount of stress before "the happiest time of the year". Or maybe that's the whole idea, I dunno.  What I do know is that I think I appreciate it a million times more this year because it truly is a break for me. Also this is the first year where I don't live at home so going home actually kind of seems like a treat to me.

As per usual the first half of this post has nothing to do with clothing.. ha ha.. moving along then

What is new with us you might be wondering?
I would love to tell you but then I might have to kill you.  Kidding of course but we have a big project in the works at the moment that most certainly deserves some build up before the announcement.  Here are some hints:  clothing, guitars, pins
Ohhh the mystery! 

Work on spring 09  will be commencing shortly.. as in whenever I can kick my lazy bum into gear and actually do something productive clothing wise.  The most painful thing was that I got the biggest surge of creative inspiration on monday but I had to deny it because of studying for economics....grrrr... that's one more reason why I hate economics.

So because I'm in the mood for giving I gave you a sneak peak at our latest photoshoot, which was as kirstin stated FANTASTIC and we love everyone we worked with.  Feel free to let us know what you think!

Happy Holidays all and get as fat as you like,  who really cares?

Photo credit : Patrick Callbeck
Make up: Ellen Connaughton
Clothing: by us!  ( duh!)
Jewelry:  Kirsta Cousins

Monday, December 1, 2008

Many, many Thank You's...

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but genuinely good publicity is so much more thrilling! As of late we've been getting lots of coverage from local media, specifically from The Buzz and CBC News Compass. We are so grateful for all of this attention and the wonderful people we have been working with.

Thank you to The Buzz's Ann Thurlow, who is an incredible spirit and a joy to work with, for the lovely article she wrote about us in December's issue. You can view it here ( http://www.buzzon.com/frames/frames_community) or pick up your very own hard copy (for free) at locations all across the Island as Katryna mentioned below.

Secondly, we'd like to send a big thank you to Sara Fraser and the folks at CBC for the story they aired about us on today's edition of Compass. We are so please with the final edit and greatly appreciate this opportunity. You can view the piece at (http://www.cbc.ca/video/popup.html?http://www.cbc.ca/ondemand/compass.asx) for the next 24 hours we are roughly 50 minutes into the program.

Also, thank you so much to Ellen Connaughton, for her makeup expertise at our most recent photo shoot and Krista Cousins, for lending us her beautiful jewellry creations. We loved working with both of you and hope to again in the near future! You can find Krista's gorgeous pieces at (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30633856&id=183600421#/group.php?gid=18850036508&ref=ts).

Finally, Thank You Patrick Callbeck for the amazing photos!! We are so happy with the shots of our Fall/ Winter '08 collection and are itching to show them to everyone!

We will be posting Patrick's pictures here very soon with prices so you can all have a piece of Sunsets on the Eastside's first ever Fall/Winter collection! (perhaps even for Christmas gifts....)


P.S. I've got one piece finished for Spring/Summer '09 and another in the works! We're all very excited for what's to come....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I bought a treadmill today. I was one of those crazy lunitics lining up outside the door of a store at 6:30 in the morning, isn't that sad? Oh well, I'm quite pleased to have this monstrosity of a machine set up, although it does take up far more space then I'd like even when its folded.
Completely off topic? Yes. Moving on.

Another little thing I'd like to share is that we recently had an interview with Ann Thurlow, of 'The Buzz' - if you want to check out the article just pick up a copy, they're all over the place, and FREE! Or, if you aren't a local and don't trust Canada Post then you could always check it out online. http://www.buzzon.com/frames/frames_community. ( look at the top for the link to sunsets on the eastside).

Another note for the locals, keep tuned to compass to see our interview with Sara Fraser. Rumor has it that it should be running sometime this week.

Other then that I really have nothing interesting to mention.
Happy Saturday.
-My driveway is muddy. My boots have also become muddy. But the mud covers up the scuffs, so I'm okay with that. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

me blabbing about silly stuff

I think the moment that this company started to become a business must have happened this year.  Now our meetings have more structure and 75% of what we now talk about is business related rather then clothing related.  Not that I'm complaining, I mean it is something that has to happen if we want to be serious about it,  its just simply occurred to me now that this isn't just a hobby anymore.  This is almost a viable profit making company ( as shocking as that is to say!).  I'm pleased with where this is going and strangely a thought came to me a day ago about what if we had never done the company where would I be now?

I think my life would actually be pretty different.  The company changed me in quite a few ways and I am grateful for that.  It has forced me to take things slightly more seriously then I did before and taught me that hard work pays off.  It has effected my social group in the way that I have two amazing friends now that I could never forget for the rest of my life.  It has taught me how to handle the real world and who to trust and who to not.  It has taught me to be proud of my accomplishments and to never talk them down. It was something I could fall back on when I feel sad or something I can share when things are going well. It has shown me a different side of myself that I might never have know before. It has it's downsides but they are miniscule in comparison to all the beauty that this has brought to my life.

Now I guess this could be the part where I encourage you all to follow your dreams but to be honest this was never my dream.  I didn't grow up wanting this,  the opportunity simply presented itself.  So I guess what I am trying to say is that take as many good opportunities as you can and run with them because you'll never know where you'll end up.  If something is right then it will just click into place with a little effort on you part.  

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have to say, the life a student isn't easy. But the life of a student/designer/entrepreneur is even more difficult. The ability to manage these three titles while still maintaining a job, family and social life is a skill that I am still fine tuning. Though, I wouldn't give any of these up for the world. My life is a whirlwind and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Am I Blushing?

I get so giddy when people like you take the time to check us out, and comment on our clothing.

I'll admitt that at times I hesitate to bring our company up in conversation, but this is just because I don't want it to sound like I'm speaking with you for the soel purpose of plugging our line. However, that said, I love when people show interest and support. It's because of people like you we continue to do what we are doing. We have been credited with being ambitious, and some crazy people have even thrown the word talented out there...and I just want to say thank you, because it's you that drives us. Maybe you bought a piece, perhaps you were the inspiration behind a piece, or simply to keep sewing, no matter what we will never forget the opportunities that have been put before us because of you.

These past 2 years have really been a whirlwind. Seeing what we have achieved locally, and what possiblities the future holds is just begininng to sink in. I keep saying to myself, how did this happen? It always seems we have incredible luck, and I'm so happy to be doing what I am doing, and never want to take it for granted.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well lookie here..


I just love people from the maritimes and Atlantic...  we're pretty awesome! ha ha

Sunday, November 2, 2008

road trip!

so we toke hali by storm quite recently.

Although waking at 4 in the morning isn't a favorite thing of mine i'll do it for the company.  We arrive in Halifax and first plan of action was meeting with Chara at "Love Me" a ridiculously cute boutique she owns.  Not only will this store be carrying out clothing now, it also carries many other designers locally which makes it completely fantastic and very very very worth visiting should you be traipsing around the streets of downtown Halifax.  
While we were at the store, by chance, we did a radio interview with Emily a student from Kings who was fantastic and we had a great time working with. 
After this we toke our giddy selves to lunch as well as did a little shopping.  Unfortunately it wasn't the most successful shopping trip, but you can't win them all right?  After this we checked in to our hotel which was awesome ( we somehow lucked out and had a flipping terrace! ) and prepared for Atlantic Fashion Week.  After trying out every outfit in my bag i decided on the first one i tried on and we headed over to the Mercedes Benz Dealership where the event was held.
At first i found myself a little apprehensive about the location because typically i wouldn't think of a car dealership as the number one local for a runway show but they did an absolute fantastic job of transforming it and it was beautiful.  When we got to the area where the designers and models were kept we were a little overwhelmed.  The models were all tall and gorgeous and it was  really great opportunity for us to work with trained models.  We chose our models and we were all supremely proud of the job they did.  They all looked fantastic on the runway and made the clothing look even better!  The other designers were so great and inspiring. I found myself designing in my head while watching the other designers show their stuff ha ha what can I say :P

It was so full and we only had standing room to watch the show.  It was the first time for us to watch our own show rather then being back stage and dressing the models.  It was a good experience for us to let go of some control and just sit back.. or rather stand back and admire what we had accomplished.  I found myself so proud when we walked the runway to applause and it was so reassuring to hear people tell us they enjoyed our designs because ultimately we do it for the people, and if you don't like it then there's a problem.

After the show we chatted with some people and thanked everyone who helped us out.  We also did an interview with Haligonia.ca  where you can actually watch some of the show with our clothing in it "pink champagne" was the name of the event to search for.  
When we got back to the hotel we found ourselves super restless and went out for pizza at the pizza corner.  It was pretty great ha ha not gonna lie.  
The next day was very uncompany related, but  we did do some semi successful shopping which made my day.  When we finally got home I went to the TV and turned it on aimlessly to CTV and was caught by surprise to see our clothing on Live at 5 as well as myself and the girls walking down the runway.  I was in shock and was definitely a good closer to that trip.

So I hope you guys stay tuned to what we have happening because this is definitely not it, we have tons more stuff up our sleeves.  We will post the link to the pictures of the show A.S.A.P so you guys can check out a sneak peak at our fall/winter collection!

ta ta for now lovelies 


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In one great day my two loves will collide. Photography and fashion go hand in hand so well, which is why I am so looking forward to Sunday. There is no denying that this creative process may cause us to shiver as we stand outside in the crisp autum air for an undetermined amount of time, but it will be worth it. The lovely and talented Sarah Marie Lavers will be behind the camera, putting her skills to good use to help us showcase our latest work. We'll keep you posted on when you can catch your first glimpse of our fall photoshoot.

Now I must get back to work so that we actually have clothes to photograph!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

drum roll plz?

Atlantic Fashion Week!
That's right boys and girls!  We will be appearing at this years AFM which is something that we are highly highly excited about.  With at least 6 new pieces that will be showcased and our great selves it's sure to be an event that we won't be forgetting any time soon!

Oh an do we have so much more coming up so please stay tunes ladies and gents..ohh the excitement!

So now to make this at least interesting I'm going to commit a faux pas and talk about something non clothing line related

I seem to have a love hate relationship with university
some examples:

HATE:  poorest marks i've ever had.... economics can go to Hell please and thank you
LOVE: the cool smart people you meet

HATE: The crazy profs
LOVE: The crazy profs

HATE: group work without the group.. working.:(
LOVE:The ability to be independent 

HATE: that Katryna isn't here
LOVE: That people who i was friends with befor,e but didn't go to my school, now do

HATE:that i'm still on the island
LOVE: that I can still be able to be apart of this company ( OH look i did make it about the company)

So yah i'm sure you people have similar feelings so feel free to express your HATE/LOVE relationship with the institution you're funding

Love and peace


P.S ( WARNING: Contains personal political opinion!)
harper canada?  ....really?.... i check the radio three times this morning cuz i didn't want to believe it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Don't wish it away, it's here to stay.

The snowflake is a timid species. Feeling safer to travel in swarms, you will rarely see one alone. A lover of our Northern climate the snowflake migrates to our region with the arrival of late fall and winter. During this season, as we recieve the chilly embrace of our frozen friends, we assemble indoors to stay warm.

I welcome the snowflake, and what it brings. That warm grasp, as you converse over a steaming mug of your favourite brew and those long cold nights, that give you an excuse to cuddle.

I want the next collection that we create to give the same warming sensation. As the mecury dips we will not leave our fans to freeze in our summer dresses. You may not have been looking forward to Fall/Winter, but we certainly are. Expect warm, deep colours, and fabrics that will make you wish winter could last all year long.


Friday, October 3, 2008

La Dolce Vita

Hello fashionable people!

So blog post number two for me will most likely be brief..

We've had a whirlwind of new developments in the last week that we are unbelievably excited about! Thank you for all of the support you have shown us, we are certainly more motivated to bring you new and fab designs now that we know how much you really enjoy what we do! (not that we didn't always know, it's just reassuring to see it in writing.)

Currently we're working on new pieces and looking for inspiration all around us. Keep and eye out, you may just see us, and our clothing, in some new and exciting places!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

what a life:P

So things for the company have been phenomenal!  v.v.v. pleased I must say!

With our first fashion spread in Panache magazine which is super exciting, and looks fantastic ( go pick it up NOW at the green man and other awesome places).  To FASHION Magazine doing a blog on us we've been getting some good advertising down.

For the pictures for the FASHION Mag of us designers was hell to try and organize.  With three girls schedules( who work two jobs each at least and school for the most part!) to try and work around and a photographers schedule it was crazy.  We actually did two shoots one with only me and kirstin that we did in literally 20 minutes that turned out fantastic cuz the photographer was super great( Joel Reeves). Me and Kirstin had to do it between classes so we spent the rest of the day with a ton of make up on:P  

later that night katryna showed up after leaving hali with her friend Sarah Lavers who shot us as well.  Because of a rush on photos we used sarahs because we didn't have time to organize the other shots ( sorry Joel:( ) from earlier. In the end it turned out super fantastic and you can check the blog out at:

 We also may be appearing in Atlantic Fashion Week AND a super cute local store soon ( any guesses? ....)  so life is good..

only problem is... ( and this is a secret so shhhhh!)  we need to make clothing :P

having never made fall/winter stuff before we're a little stumped with ideas.. but we'll pull it off( cuz we have no choice:P)

Thanks to everyone who has been sending us support lately! It's always appreciated and really motivated us to keep it going.   We do this for you people so we sure hope you like it!

k bed time!


Saturday, August 9, 2008


um k.. so inspiration.. inspiration.. inspiration....?

hum... well at work i was looking around ( my work consists of watching a lot of musicals) and i found that the lighting for some of the songs reminded me of a lightening storm. Now in my head i am sooooooo tired of the brown/orange/red type colours for fall ( yes we know those are natures colours... lets try some originality people!) so the colours of a lightening storm kinda inspired me. I see the storm as being a mixture of dark ( like at night or cloud cover) and light (obviously the lightening) all the colors just seem muted but work together to give the emotions that come with a storm. I've always found fall/winter to be kinda ominous, like the bad before the good , again like a storm. So i think that's going to be my main inspiration, or at least the one that I'm going to propose for the girls!

On another note we just finished a photo shoot for an upcoming island magazine called "Panache" which is super exciting. I fell in love with some of the shots and think that the over all look it going to be amazing. The people we worked with were fantastic. They were all so talented and all of us being in one place made that little clearing in the woods super charged with creativity and seemed to promise something really beautiful for the finished project. While at the shoot I had the opportunity to help style it which was so much fun. I really really really enjoyed it. It made me realise how thankful I am for the ability to just visualise things and make them look right, or know when it's not right. I know that's it's that quality that makes me a designer and it was the first time that I ever recognized it for what it was. Maybe that's what some people call talent, or just that thing that everyone has in one area of life that differs them, but I am forever grateful for having found it so early in life. I hope that everyone finds that one thing that makes them happy because I truly believe that that is what it's all about!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bluegrass music? I'd say so.

Well hello there,

I'm Kirstin, another designer for Sunsets on the Eastside. I'm very happy that we now have this blog so we can stay in touch with our lovely fans and let you know about all the happenings of the Sunsets team (actually I'd say we've become more of a family rather than a team. Two years with a small business can do that to people I guess.)

Wow, it's hard to believe we are in our second year with this project. I never thought we would get to this point, but we have and I look forward to the next two years and more! This company means the world to me and I know it does to the other girls as well. It is a great privilege to be able to incorporate your creative mentality into clothing designs and have people actually respond with such appreciation as you all have. I feel honoured to design clothing for all you lovely ladies who have supported us throughout our journey!

As for this coming season, I am very excited to see what is going to come of it. I have many ideas floating around in my head (and I know the other girls do as well.) Currently we are searching for our main inspirations, and are holding many meetings to make sure they all come together. This could be the best collection yet!... or at least that's how I feel. It's going to be our first foray into fall/winter dressing and I think some really great things are about to happen.

My life at the moment has consisted of alot of European streetstyle blogs, driving all across PEI taking in the gorgeous scenery, many used bookstore, copious amounts of caffeine and lots of ....bluegrass music? We'll see if some of these make an appearance in any upcoming designs!

That's all I've got for now! Thanks for reading and all of your support. Check back often... I'll try to keep up with the posting.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

The trials and tribulations of a Designer

Allo mes amies!

I'm Jackie one of the designers from Sunsets on the Eastside. This blog has the purpose of updating you on the going ons of SOTE throughout the year. It will be filled with exciting news from us designers on the progress of this currently small company and let you in on what it's like to be a designer, although I think it's safe to say that we ourselves don't exactly know. Personally I plan on including stories of my life that should, in most part, include the company however because I love the SOTE fans Oh so very much, I might feel the need to just unload on this page. Needless to say this blog is not to be taken to seriously, our company doesn't aim to be snotty and considers everyone who has interest in what we do a friend, and we plan on treating them as such.

So to begin this blog here's my opinion on being a designer:
It is great, and I love it.

Well obviously that's not all there is to it, but currently that is exactly how I feel. This company has taken exciting turns during the 2 years of it's existence and has exposed me to a world filled with like minded people and things that get my creative juices flowing. It would be absurd to believe that it has been all peachy along the road, this job can become highly highly highly stressful ( I think the other girls can more then agree with me there) and is at fault for many a panic attack, but thankfully I never want to give up, and the day that it becomes all work and no play will be the day that it ends.

So I hope you bookmark this page and return frequently because we would love nothing more then to have you involved in the progress of Sunsets on the Eastside!

Yours truly,

Mademoiselle Jacqueline

p.s If you've never been, an excellent store to frequent when you're perusing the Charlottetown downtown is The Green Man. Would you like to know why? because our clothing is sold there silly! and we have currently knocked down the prices by 20% so there's no better time then the present to go visit a new place!