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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

drum roll plz?

Atlantic Fashion Week!
That's right boys and girls!  We will be appearing at this years AFM which is something that we are highly highly excited about.  With at least 6 new pieces that will be showcased and our great selves it's sure to be an event that we won't be forgetting any time soon!

Oh an do we have so much more coming up so please stay tunes ladies and gents..ohh the excitement!

So now to make this at least interesting I'm going to commit a faux pas and talk about something non clothing line related

I seem to have a love hate relationship with university
some examples:

HATE:  poorest marks i've ever had.... economics can go to Hell please and thank you
LOVE: the cool smart people you meet

HATE: The crazy profs
LOVE: The crazy profs

HATE: group work without the group.. working.:(
LOVE:The ability to be independent 

HATE: that Katryna isn't here
LOVE: That people who i was friends with befor,e but didn't go to my school, now do

HATE:that i'm still on the island
LOVE: that I can still be able to be apart of this company ( OH look i did make it about the company)

So yah i'm sure you people have similar feelings so feel free to express your HATE/LOVE relationship with the institution you're funding

Love and peace


P.S ( WARNING: Contains personal political opinion!)
harper canada?  ....really?.... i check the radio three times this morning cuz i didn't want to believe it.