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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The artist high

There are many creative things in this world that leave me feeling amazing. A small number of which I would be considered talented at, however I do them none the less because they make me feel great.  That feeling I have officially dubbed "the Artist High".

Now typically for me activities such as making clothing ( the obvious), writing ( the slightly more obvious), dancing, and one more thing that very few people are aware that I enjoy doing.
This would be because I do not consider myself to be highly talented in this field of art and because it is something that many people feel like they can judge without any expertise. It can be intimidating to share this type of art.  Or that is my excuse. 
However tonight for the first time in a V.V. long time I grabbed a piece of paper and a clicky pencil and let it flow.
Now, the picture of a young asian girl that I produced may not be particularly realistic, or in fact look as if she is asian, but I am still proud of it.  
I forgot how amazing it is to remember all the other things you can do when you tend to focus on one thing.  
The other side of it is that I was making something that was just for me with no one else in mind.  To be completely selfish in what I was creating let me work a little more freely and produce something I love much more. 

So I would hope that this would encourage you to remember that thing you used to do as a child that you loved, and perhaps was not the best at, but truly enjoyed and practice it a little, see what comes out of it.  Whether it be an instrument, a sport, or in my case drawing.  I can pretty much guarantee that this will be a pick me up and a good way to remember who you really are.
Lose the embarrassment and self evaluation, just do!
It's worth your while!