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Saturday, May 23, 2009

growing up...

Alright so Fringe went over pretty darn well. Of course because it was outside we had weather issues and and apparently we truly are cursed with music issues ( it was small and nothing our fantastic models couldn't pull off anyways) but we made it out alive. 

Here is the lame part... people would ask how it went and we'd say "good"  and did you have fun?  "yup"  any real problems?  "nope not really".
 What I'm getting at here is that maybe runway shows aren't as exciting for us anymore.  This is not saying that I don't love them, because trust me they are one of my favorite parts of the company (sewing and meeting and chilling with our models being the other top three).  I guess after having done so many shows we've become relatively ( don't want to jinx ourselves here) immune  to the backstage mishaps that befall runway shows.  We know what could happen and what will happen and what to do.  So my adrenaline still pumps when your model is about to hit the runway and their dress isn't entirely tied up, but that first rush where me, Kirstin, and Kat looked at each other and wanted to cry from happiness has died off a little.

However we have tons more firsts to come. I find it hard to believe that after our first runway show in Montreal we won't get emotional.  Heck, I get emotional at the simple thought of it. So maybe the excitement of a maritime fashion show isn't what it used to be, but I have my fingers crossed that me and the girls will still have the opportunity to be blubbering backstage messes in the future. 

Ciao for now kids and make sure to pick up your copy of Panache in June to see our new DIY project!