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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The trials and tribulations of a Designer

Allo mes amies!

I'm Jackie one of the designers from Sunsets on the Eastside. This blog has the purpose of updating you on the going ons of SOTE throughout the year. It will be filled with exciting news from us designers on the progress of this currently small company and let you in on what it's like to be a designer, although I think it's safe to say that we ourselves don't exactly know. Personally I plan on including stories of my life that should, in most part, include the company however because I love the SOTE fans Oh so very much, I might feel the need to just unload on this page. Needless to say this blog is not to be taken to seriously, our company doesn't aim to be snotty and considers everyone who has interest in what we do a friend, and we plan on treating them as such.

So to begin this blog here's my opinion on being a designer:
It is great, and I love it.

Well obviously that's not all there is to it, but currently that is exactly how I feel. This company has taken exciting turns during the 2 years of it's existence and has exposed me to a world filled with like minded people and things that get my creative juices flowing. It would be absurd to believe that it has been all peachy along the road, this job can become highly highly highly stressful ( I think the other girls can more then agree with me there) and is at fault for many a panic attack, but thankfully I never want to give up, and the day that it becomes all work and no play will be the day that it ends.

So I hope you bookmark this page and return frequently because we would love nothing more then to have you involved in the progress of Sunsets on the Eastside!

Yours truly,

Mademoiselle Jacqueline

p.s If you've never been, an excellent store to frequent when you're perusing the Charlottetown downtown is The Green Man. Would you like to know why? because our clothing is sold there silly! and we have currently knocked down the prices by 20% so there's no better time then the present to go visit a new place!