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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I thought I would provide some links to some of our recent reviews of our last collection. These will eventually be posted on our website but here are a list for now.

My fav out of these three is the fashioninhal blog. It made us feel like celebrities by being spotted :) A big thanks to the people who interviewed, reviewed and blogged on us.  All press is helpful and we are super thankful for it.  




Enjoy and we encourage you to comment.  

Monday, November 9, 2009

Photo by Ryan Macdonald 

So this is admittedly a very neglected blog.  So i'll try to do better, but it's not always on the top of the priority list as you can imagine.  Also, posting more often will probably lead to topics that may not always apply to the company. 
 Finally you will have to try to excuse my english writing skills, I have never been grammatically correct and against the better efforts of my current english prof, they may never improve.  I'm okay with that, I hope you can be too.

Atlantic Fashion Week has just passed us by and what a whirlwind it was.  I drove us to Hali in the family car. It was my first time driving in Hali and I am very proud to say that we had no accidents and only drove around in a circle once!  although I do have to thank the lord that Kirstin brought her GPS otherwise this may not be a happy tale. 
The show itself went over not so bad.  It's always chaos during the show and your adrenaline is whats keeping you going but we made it through and I'm really proud of it.  As you may have read in reviews and such of the show we showed a collection that was a little different for us.  
This time around we made an effort to be a bit more cohesive with the company choosing similar fabric and we each did a take on a dress made out of the same fabric. It was a fun trail for us but I can confidently assure you that although some feel that it lacked our more, how shall we say this..... eccentric pieces?  we haven't lost it.  Depending on what happens with us in the next little while you should expect a pretty interesting show for AFW in the spring.

Right now we are trying to plan out the next little while so I can't give you dates for upcoming shows and such.  A photo shoot will be happening soon which will be posted on the website. 

***For the photoshoot if there are any models, hair stylists, or make up artists that we havent worked with before that would like to be involved please contact us and let us know!  We love working with new up and comers and don't be shy.We are not asking for professionals, just anyone who feels they have an inclination, and preferable be good at one of these things We can't come and find you if we don't know about you! sunsetsontheeastside@gmail.com***

Finally I'd just like to say that I have found and fallen in love with Regina Spektor.  I knew her name before and I couldn't tell you why i have never listened to her before.  But thanks to "500 days of summer" (an excellent film go see it now, K thanks) I'm in love.  I'm behind the curve I know. Also Carla Bruni(quelqu'un m'a dit is the best in my opinion) , super pretty.  This is the music I would play in my pretty little dress shop if I was ever crazy enough to open one.  

K I think that is it for now.  I'll probably post again in the next.. lets say year... yah that's a safe bet :)

Jax ( my nickname from grade school.. kinda miss it.. bringing it back)

p.s www.sunsetsontheeastside.com  You will like it I promise!