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Thursday, September 3, 2009

moving up in the internet world

So at this very moment we are working on our website. Why has it taken us so long you might ask.... well I blame it on a severe lack of knowledge when it comes to computers so we gave in and hired someone.
It's looking good and I can't wait for everyone to see it.

AFW....thats what we are looking towards right now. Should be good, and we are showing on the main night this season so this is super exciting for us.

For those of you in Halifax we have sold out at Love Me but we will get things in there ASAP!

Now still fashion related .. ish... is the new Sex and the City movie. That is right, there will be a sequel. I'm very concerned about this. I have a tendency to believe that sequels never work out ( has anyone see the Donnie Darko one? that's just a hot mess). The only sequel I have ever enjoyed is Dirty Dancing Havana nights and thats because I hadn't seen Dirty Dancing yet. I have since seen it and still love the sequel.
If they screw up this movie then SATC is ending on a very poor note. No pressure guys but you have the entire reputation of a fantastic show on your shoulders, don't ruin it! Of course it's the same director and such, and from what I've seen the styling is still the same only with a heavy infusion of eighties. SJP big blond curly hair reminds me quite a bit of Jennifer Grey or better known as Baby from Dirty Dancing.... maybe that's a good sign....

Pic of Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of the new movie: http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com/2009/09/01/spl120696_010.jpg

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