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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best present EVER!

K I have two very important things to say.

Number 1:  We have put about 6 new pieces in The Green Man that are very affordably priced if I do say so myself ( as low as *ahem* $19)   so there is literally no excuse not to get out there.

Number 2: Thursday is my ( Jackie ) birthday!  it is something that I have been looking forward to my whole life( har har), BUT not only does it mark one more year in my life .... the heavens and fashion gods are giving a fashionista the best gift she could want.  AN H&M IN HALIFAX!  that is right kids there is an H&M  opening in the Dartmouth mall on my birthday.   Before it was only the very very rare opportunity that I could venture into this store.  Traveling is expensive when you are a student and I rarely get to do it now  so having this FAB store only a few hours drive away is awesome.   

Something I would like to bring up though, is that there are mixed feelings about this amongst the fashion community.  People seem to think that now that we have this store super close all those unique items that they would take back from trips and get praised on will be everywhere.  I say  poo poo to these people.  If you're scared of people stealing your new unique look from away then maybe you don't understand the concept of a look or style. Style, from my understanding, is how you put pieces together and fashion yourself.  It's a reflection of yourself so unless you have a twin who happens to buy all the same items of clothing and watches you get dressed in the morning ( creepy much?) I feel like we are all safe from the big bad store coming and stealing away our compliments.  Not to mention that all these concerned people will most definitely be in this store anyways.  Because who really can resist H&M?

Happy shopping ... come next AFW I promise you you will see me in this store :)

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