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Sunday, September 28, 2008

what a life:P

So things for the company have been phenomenal!  v.v.v. pleased I must say!

With our first fashion spread in Panache magazine which is super exciting, and looks fantastic ( go pick it up NOW at the green man and other awesome places).  To FASHION Magazine doing a blog on us we've been getting some good advertising down.

For the pictures for the FASHION Mag of us designers was hell to try and organize.  With three girls schedules( who work two jobs each at least and school for the most part!) to try and work around and a photographers schedule it was crazy.  We actually did two shoots one with only me and kirstin that we did in literally 20 minutes that turned out fantastic cuz the photographer was super great( Joel Reeves). Me and Kirstin had to do it between classes so we spent the rest of the day with a ton of make up on:P  

later that night katryna showed up after leaving hali with her friend Sarah Lavers who shot us as well.  Because of a rush on photos we used sarahs because we didn't have time to organize the other shots ( sorry Joel:( ) from earlier. In the end it turned out super fantastic and you can check the blog out at:

 We also may be appearing in Atlantic Fashion Week AND a super cute local store soon ( any guesses? ....)  so life is good..

only problem is... ( and this is a secret so shhhhh!)  we need to make clothing :P

having never made fall/winter stuff before we're a little stumped with ideas.. but we'll pull it off( cuz we have no choice:P)

Thanks to everyone who has been sending us support lately! It's always appreciated and really motivated us to keep it going.   We do this for you people so we sure hope you like it!

k bed time!


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