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Saturday, August 9, 2008


um k.. so inspiration.. inspiration.. inspiration....?

hum... well at work i was looking around ( my work consists of watching a lot of musicals) and i found that the lighting for some of the songs reminded me of a lightening storm. Now in my head i am sooooooo tired of the brown/orange/red type colours for fall ( yes we know those are natures colours... lets try some originality people!) so the colours of a lightening storm kinda inspired me. I see the storm as being a mixture of dark ( like at night or cloud cover) and light (obviously the lightening) all the colors just seem muted but work together to give the emotions that come with a storm. I've always found fall/winter to be kinda ominous, like the bad before the good , again like a storm. So i think that's going to be my main inspiration, or at least the one that I'm going to propose for the girls!

On another note we just finished a photo shoot for an upcoming island magazine called "Panache" which is super exciting. I fell in love with some of the shots and think that the over all look it going to be amazing. The people we worked with were fantastic. They were all so talented and all of us being in one place made that little clearing in the woods super charged with creativity and seemed to promise something really beautiful for the finished project. While at the shoot I had the opportunity to help style it which was so much fun. I really really really enjoyed it. It made me realise how thankful I am for the ability to just visualise things and make them look right, or know when it's not right. I know that's it's that quality that makes me a designer and it was the first time that I ever recognized it for what it was. Maybe that's what some people call talent, or just that thing that everyone has in one area of life that differs them, but I am forever grateful for having found it so early in life. I hope that everyone finds that one thing that makes them happy because I truly believe that that is what it's all about!

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