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Friday, June 5, 2009

Ahem! eyes to the front students!

Today we are going out to Kinkora ( I believe) to teach kids from grade 5-8 about what we do.  Lets be fair here, I don't even REALLY know what we do, so to show kids how to do it is a little ... strange to me.  However, I do like the idea of kids being exposed to different art mediums because clothing is often ignored as being a method of creative expression.  Art itself in our school systems is becoming more and more scarce and not simply the obvious art class but stuff like music or dance.  
Although P.E.I schools do seem to have good outlets for these.  As a students of Bluefield High School the art classes we're fantastic ( katryna will vouch for this), we had a full fledged band program (me and Kirstin were band geeks), I started a small dance club within the school, and all three of us took drama in school.  

We were very lucky, as you can see, but I know that not all students in Canada are or even in all our school systems are.  Being exposed to everything is important because not every student is going to turn out to be a scientist, doctor, or lawyer.  

I like to believe that our passion found us, and we are incredibly lucky for this, but not everyone is so lucky. So if you have children or are planning on so doing, I think involving children in as many things as possible ( As a young child I tried swimming, figure skating, ballet, basketball, drawing, theatre, gymnastics, piano and more. Thanks mom and dad! )will help them find their passion.

And really, what is a life without passion?


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